Now with music! The Sad Machines by Before Victoria

The Sad Machines is an electro concept album all on the theme of depression. It has spoken word tracks which pack even more or a punch with a backing of synthy music which swings between hypnotic, heartbeaking and the kind of badass where you need a long coat billowing in the wind and a choreographed fight scene.

Morning Star: Jobcentre

As seen in the Morning Star newspaper, 4th May 2016, in Well Versed, edited by Jody Porter Surviving the job centre With your ego intact Is a masterclass in Unsolidarity. Wear the office clothes You no longer have to. Wear the smile of someone Momentarily inconvenienced. Like your career got a flat tire And this … Continue reading Morning Star: Jobcentre

Beacon – Poem for National Poetry Day

The theme of National Poetry Day 2015 is light. Here is a new one: An abuser is a heat-seeking missile Why you? Because you burn bright And warm. They were drawn to your beacon As are moths. As are friends. Resist the temptation To see your signs of life As signs of weakness. Do not … Continue reading Beacon – Poem for National Poetry Day

Poem: This is Your Twenties

I wrote this piece a year ago today - when, for the second time in my life - a contract and a tenancy ended at the same time, and everything was stressful, uncertain and horrible. Since I only have a few months left of my twenties, and (thankfully) things are a lot more stable and … Continue reading Poem: This is Your Twenties