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I’ll level with you: I’m right at that jumping-off point between semi-pro (this eats all my annual leave) and pro (I can make this my job). My poetry career is like a plant pot that’s gotten too big for the pot it’s in… but I can’t find another pot that works. This is where you come in to help me scale-up as an artist while still keeping a roof over my head. 

I want to be able to create better quality videos, produce more musical collaborations, travel to more gigs out of town and put more time aside for the basics of research, writing and editing. So far I’ve been doing what I love, and doing it well, but on a shoelace and sometimes very little sleep. With your help I could take this to the next level and produce larger, more researched work and polish and broadcast it to a higher standard. I could make better quality videos and do them more regularly, and I’d love your support.

Go on, you know you want to

This isn’t just a one-way street. My patrons – people like you – are going to keep me on track. I’ll keep producing new work to thank you for being my patrons, and you’ll only be charged (the pre-arranged amount you agree to) when I’ve got something new to show you. Just to keep this even more even and above board I swear it won’t be more often than once a month so I don’t bankrupt you guys just ’cause I’m on a roll. You can support me from as little as one dollar per thing, but please do become my patron.

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