Asking Nicely – full Edinburgh Fringe show on YouTube

In 2014 I took my first one-woman show to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was called Asking Nicely, and it used poetry and pop psychology to look at permission, confidence and self-esteem – why I, and so many of my female friends, felt hesitant and like we needed to ask permission to do pretty normal things like look for better jobs or pursue hobbies.On my last day at the Fringe I got a five star review, and in 2015 I polished the show up and took it back to the Fringe.I got another five star review and many lovely things were said, of which I think my favourite was Serin Thomasin writing in Opus Independents that:

“Hannah Chutzpah links powerful poems about obedience, permission and consent with candid, nuanced discussion which is half sociology lecture and half impassioned mate down the pub. This show had me giggling, sobbing and punching the air. Sometimes simultaneously.” 

Anyway, in November of 2015 I did a small gig in an East London pub for an audience of mostly poetry mates, and Tyrone Lewis of Process Productions helped record the show for posterity.

Since 2015 I’ve had the show up on YouTube, but unlisted, so I could share it with promoters without giving the whole show away. However, 2015 is now quite a while ago, and I’m working on other things. I’m really incredibly proud of Asking Nicely, which I later reworked and toured as Confidence Tricks, but I’m putting this show out to pasture. So…. here it is for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own homes.

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