Spoken Word London Anti-Hate Anthology

I am beyond delighted to be part of the Spoken Word London Anti-Hate Anthology (available to buy here) which has been endorsed by Amnesty International!

Book cover Spoken Word London Anti-Hate anthologyThis anthology is a gorgeous curated snapshot of the London spoken word scene, with entries from performers who attend the fornightly open mic night Spoken Word London. Huge thanks to Hannah Gordon and Patrick Cash for running this show.

The collection is themed into chapters of poems about different minority or disadvantaged groups, each with an introduction from the poet curating that chapter. I have one piece in the queer section (Mermaids, tasteful siren-on-siren action) and one section in the ability section (Storm, about my ADHD). Both the pieces I submitted were ones I originally piloted on my Patreon, which I’m finding an increasingly useful place to put stuff which is damn good, but perhaps personal enough it would be smart to hide it behind a paywall.

There was a gorgeous two-night launch for the anthology, and a photo exhibition of performers from throughout the years. That link again to where you can buy your own copy: https://spokenwordlondon.bigcartel.com/

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