Confidence Tricks – Video

Confidence Tricks is touring the UK October & November 2016. This tour is possible thanks a grant from the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron Project,  a trust set up in memory of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel. You can read more about Dora’s life here and more about the trust here.  04/10/2016 London, Hackney Attic  07/10/2016 Norwich, Take … Continue reading Confidence Tricks – Video

Asking Nicely 2015 round-up

The 2015 Fringe was incredible. I felt like I was somehow cashing in all my chips from my previous years of flyering, bucket shaking, and running shows into one big, epic, media-splattered Fringe. Thank you everyone who came to my shows, wrote nice things, had a pint or a meal or a chat with me … Continue reading Asking Nicely 2015 round-up

Five Star Review from the Fringe!

I’ve just got back from Edinburgh: city built by Escher, maker & breaker of dreams, and all-round boot camp for the performing arts. I’ll do a proper round-up and thank you post when I’ve had more sleep and more time to reflect, but in the meantime: I had some reviews of my debut one-woman show and … Continue reading Five Star Review from the Fringe!

Asking Nicely Poetry Show: Audience Participation Time!

I am writing a one-woman show about permission called Asking Nicely. It's about how, why, when and where we ask for permission. And I'd like your help. (For background you can read my first blog on the topic where I first decided on the idea, my second blog about the practicalities of an Edinburgh Fringe … Continue reading Asking Nicely Poetry Show: Audience Participation Time!

Edinburgh Show Update: Asking Nicely

In September last year I wrote about planning to do a one-woman poetry show on the theme of 'permission' at the Edinburgh Fringe. (Original blog post here.) My aim is slam poetry crossed with a TED Talk crossed with some funnies. It will look at how, why, when and where we ask for permission - looking … Continue reading Edinburgh Show Update: Asking Nicely

Video: Permission

I played a 10 minute set at the wonderful Jawdance, hosted by Apples and Snakes. I was thrilled to bits to be booked, and my set seemed to go down a storm. Thank you, guys. I did my poem 'Permission' on women who don't ask permission to be themselves. See it on YouTube Read … Continue reading Video: Permission

Poem: Permission

An International Women's Day Poem.  Permission This is for the women who don’t ask permission To be themselves. This is for the women who are done with working on their contentment And started working on their lot. This is for the women whose posture says “Fuck you, punk. I got this covered.” This is for … Continue reading Poem: Permission