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Confidence Tricks – Video

1 Oct

Confidence Tricks is touring the UK October & November 2016.

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)This tour is possible thanks a grant from the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron Project,  a trust set up in memory of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel. You can read more about Dora’s life here and more about the trust here

04/10/2016 London, Hackney Attic 
07/10/2016 Norwich, Take 5 
10/10/2016 Cambridge, Frank Lee building 
11/10/2016 Brighton, Komedia 
13/10/2016 London, Dagenham, The PAD
20/10/2016 Glasgow, The Project Cafe 
21/10/2016 Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth 
25/10/2016 London, Hammersmith, The Rutland Arms 
17/11/2016 London, Walthamstow, Ye Olde Rose & Crown
26/11/2016 Sheffield Hallam Uni 



Asking Nicely 2015 round-up

6 Sep

Three Weeks CoverThe 2015 Fringe was incredible. I felt like I was somehow cashing in all my chips from my previous years of flyering, bucket shaking, and running shows into one big, epic, media-splattered Fringe. Thank you everyone who came to my shows, wrote nice things, had a pint or a meal or a chat with me after the show. It was a hell of a ride!

I was interviewed by Three Weeks Magazine and Broadway Baby about Asking Nicely. I even wound up on the front cover of Three Weeks Magazine – which I didn’t even know poetry shows could aspire to!  Thanks to Loud Poet Carly Brown for the Broadway Baby interview, & Kat Gollock who took these gorgeous photos. You can see more of Kat Gollock’s photography here.

Three Weeks Magazine gave me this five-star review:

“It is hard not to love someone who is unapologetically themselves; most especially when it is Hannah Chutzpah. Charming, funny, and straight-shooting, Hannah stares gender, class and racial issues right in the face, as she dissects social conditioning in a whirlwind of beautifully crafted metaphors, alliterations and assonance. Permission? What is it? Are some people born with this privilege? In short – yes, they are, and Hannah cleverly educates us using a wide range of personal stories, and scientific research to wittily illustrate the complex (yet constantly mistaken for black and white) society that we live in. Hannah’s brave exploration of self sparks the questions of your own baggage, conditionings, and social status.”

L McKie writing for Broadway Baby gave me a four-star review:

“In her funny and articulate show, Hannah Chutzpah presents her considered and inspiring take on the complexities of power and permission. Through poems that are tightly crafted stories and chat that’s amusing and well-researched, she contemplates how social class, gender, race and personality all have a part to play in the risks we feel able to take in life. Telling the story of her own personal journey from isolated teen to confident performance poet, she reflects on privilege in all its forms and hypothesises on the thorny issue of social conditioning. Continue reading

Five Star Review from the Fringe!

26 Aug

Bu2ogekCQAARUrP_I’ve just got back from Edinburgh: city built by Escher, maker & breaker of dreams, and all-round boot camp for the performing arts.

I’ll do a proper round-up and thank you post when I’ve had more sleep and more time to reflect, but in the meantime: I had some reviews of my debut one-woman show and they were excellent Continue reading

Asking Nicely Poetry Show: Audience Participation Time!

23 Mar

I am writing a one-woman show about permission called Asking Nicely. It’s about how, why, when and where we ask for permission. And I’d like your help.

(For background you can read my first blog on the topic where I first decided on the idea, my second blog about the practicalities of an Edinburgh Fringe show,  or my third blog about what I’m thinking/looking at/reading on the topic of permission.)

I’m looking at permission through the lens of sociology and intersectional feminism – when does manners become self-sabotaging meekness? When does confidence become entitlement? And if you’re game, I’d love to get your input:

Audience participation time!

If you are interested in this project and would like to help me think my thoughts, I’d be really grateful for answers to a few questions. Continue reading

Edinburgh Show Update: Asking Nicely

23 Mar
First draft of my poster

First draft of my poster

In September last year I wrote about planning to do a one-woman poetry show on the theme of ‘permission’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. (Original blog post here.) My aim is slam poetry crossed with a TED Talk crossed with some funnies. It will look at how, why, when and where we ask for permission – looking at it through an intersectional feminist/sociological viewpoint.

Anyway, it’s now March, with the festival looming in August, so I thought I’d give an update. Continue reading

Video: Permission

23 Aug

I played a 10 minute set at the wonderful Jawdance, hosted by Apples and Snakes. I was thrilled to bits to be booked, and my set seemed to go down a storm. Thank you, guys.

I did my poem ‘Permission’ on women who don’t ask permission to be themselves.

See it on YouTube

Read the poem here.

Poem: Permission

8 Mar

An International Women’s Day Poem. 


This is for the women who don’t ask permission
To be themselves.
This is for the women who are done with working on their contentment
And started working on their lot.

This is for the women whose posture says
“Fuck you, punk. I got this covered.”
This is for the women who’ve come too damn far
To waste time worrying whether you approve.
This is for the women who wear what they want, swear how they want,
Drink and fuck and love and fight and wring every ounce like it’s only their business.
Because it is.
And they’ve realised.

This is for the girl in class who’s done with playing dumb-
Yes, she knows the answer-
Yes no one else has put their hand up for the last ten minutes-
Yes the teacher is looking past her raised hand asking-
“Does anyone know the answer? Anyone… else?” Continue reading