Confidence Tricks – UK Tour!

In October I will be touring the UK with a re-booted version of my five-star reviewed show Asking Nicely - now named Confidence Tricks. This is thanks to very generous funding from the Rainbow Heron Project, a trust set up in memory, which you can find out more about here. Confidence Tricks is a poetry show about … Continue reading Confidence Tricks – UK Tour!

Morning Star: Jobcentre

As seen in the Morning Star newspaper, 4th May 2016, in Well Versed, edited by Jody Porter Surviving the job centre With your ego intact Is a masterclass in Unsolidarity. Wear the office clothes You no longer have to. Wear the smile of someone Momentarily inconvenienced. Like your career got a flat tire And this … Continue reading Morning Star: Jobcentre

Poem: Confidence Trick

I’ve been surprised how many times Being confident has offended And I think it boils down to ‘How dare you?’   ‘Why do you think you have the right? ‘I’m better than you, and I’m not there yet.’   Confidence breaks the rules   So, are you slim enough? Are you smart enough? Are you … Continue reading Poem: Confidence Trick