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Sign My Citalopram

7 Sep

New video – part of my one-woman show Confidence Tricks, touring the UK in October and November. Tour dates here.



Tetris – filmed at Queersay

24 Jan

Filmed in April last year at the Tate Modern, courtesy of Queersay, Apples and Snakes and Out in South London.

Safety Scissors

1 Mar

Ever shared a room with a sibling? Ever wanted to kill them?

I done another poetry video:

Read the poem:

Safety Scissors

Masking tape marks the boundary
Yellowed cream on brown carpet
I decorated it with felt-tip

This line draws the battle lines:
This line you will not cross
This line I will defend with fists and feet
Claws and teeth.

Your bit is bigger.
The rest of the room
– demilitarised, lego-strewn –
Is larger still.
I’ve left you all that.
I’m being the reasonable one
And if you step over my line:
I will kill you. Continue reading

Big Thinky Post on Permission

23 Mar

I’m going to be writing and performing a one-woman poetry show about Permission called ‘Asking Nicely’ at the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s about how, why, when and where we ask for permission. Please see my previous blog posts here and here if you’d like background.

Organising my thinking/themes for the Permission show

I think permission splits into roughly three types:

  1. ‘Classic Permission’: Asking someone who can outright turn you down: teachers, police, bosses, etc. This is the ‘Please, sir/madam, may I?’ type.
  2. ‘Equals/Social Permission’: This is probably the nicest form – a kind of social consent: ‘I’d like to go to Spain on holiday. Would you like to come with me?’ ‘Would you like to get a drink some time?’ ‘Would you like to have sex?’
  3. ‘Blessing Permission’: Asking permission when you don’t need to, but it’s good manners to.’Is this seat taken?’ ‘May I marry your daughter?’ ‘Would you excuse me?’ Etc.

None of these are completely straightforward, though – and both have implicit and explicit variations, and underlying power dynamics. Continue reading

New poetry video: No Spoons Left

2 Feb

A while ago I wrote a poem about what it’s like having limited energy, using the Spoon Theory which comes from this brilliant post by Christine Miserandino who has lupus.

My own spoonie-ness comes from Continue reading

Videos: Kiss and Tetris

20 Oct

I played a gig at She Grrrowls spoken word on the 5th of October – it’s a different host and different booked acts every time – as well as open mic slots. Really lovely night – highly recommended. It’s all run by Carmina Masoliver.

The night I was on was hosted by multiple slam champ Cat Brogan, as well as some hilarious and touching poetry from Ebele and comedy from Ann Domoney of Quiltbag Cabaret.

I’ve noticed She Grrrowls have put videos of some of the poems up – so here we go:



(very short and sweet)


Tetris as a Relationship Analogy

Video: Permission

23 Aug

I played a 10 minute set at the wonderful Jawdance, hosted by Apples and Snakes. I was thrilled to bits to be booked, and my set seemed to go down a storm. Thank you, guys.

I did my poem ‘Permission’ on women who don’t ask permission to be themselves.

See it on YouTube

Read the poem here.