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“This is poetry that aches with humour and pathos. Wit, courage and righteous ire shoot through each poem, breathing fervent life into each page.” – Kit Caless, Influx Press

“Hannah Chutzpah knows that the personal is political and these poems trace the borders of the body, the bedroom and the open spaces that conspire to keep us quiet. Simple, powerful and evocative.” Joelle Taylor, poet. 

“Poems full of fire, wit and endless charm. This is permission for all the passionate weirdos, staggering through their tumbleweed twenties.” Sara Hirsch, UK Slam Champion. 

“Hannah’s bread crumbs reveal a city that cages and liberates. A poetic megaphone to fortify your soul.” Cat Brogan, BBC Poetry Slam Champion. 

“She is what every poet with something to say needs to be: on the outside looking in … her titles are so good in themselves you wonder what the poet could possibly add, but she mines the analogies deeply.”-  Judi Moore

“Her poems are performed with an infectious energy … Chutzpah’s confidence and determination are inspiring: this is a gorgeous, life-affirming, empowering show. I left at least three inches taller.” Three Weeks

“This show had me giggling, sobbing and punching the air. Sometimes simultaneously.”  Opus Independents

“Fascinating ideas, expressed eloquently, amusingly and with supreme lyricism.” Sabotage Reviews

“By turns comic and poignant, political and surreal, Hannah’s poetry made the audience laugh and made them think, a dangerous combination.”  Literary Ely

“Strums your heart’s strings more than Slash’s guitar” – Rik the Most, Promoter

“No matter how foolish this young lady is, she really does have a serious point” – Guardian Comment is Free commenter