Confidence Tricks

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A five-star Edinburgh Fringe poetry show about what makes us feel confident – or not. This lyrical lecture looks at the psychology & sociology of what makes us tick and what gets us through – from kindness and creativity through to swearing and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)Contains: feminism, funnies, wit, wordplay, and an A2 flipchart.

This tour is possible thanks a grant from the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron Project,  a trust set up in memory of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel. You can read more about Dora’s life here and more about the trust here

Performance poet Hannah Chutzpah has been described as “fine” by three therapists, as “of good character” by a high court judge and as a “potential maggot-thrower” by the Metropolitan Police. She has performed everywhere from music festivals to Occupy demos to the Royal Albert Hall.