Blog: Confidence Tricks Tour

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)In October I will be touring the UK with a re-booted version of my five-star reviewed show Asking Nicely – now named Confidence Tricks. This is thanks to very generous funding from the Rainbow Heron Project, a trust set up in memory, which you can find out more about here.

Confidence Tricks is a poetry show about what makes us feel confident and entitled, or like we don’t deserve and don’t belong. It’s about the psychology and sociology of what makes us tick, as well as about what gets us through – from kindness and creativity through to swearing and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

Contains: feminism, funnies, wit, wordplay, and an A2 flipchart.

Confidence Tricks POSTER_8 copy.jpg

Fri 07/10/2016 – Norwich, Take 5, 17 Tombland
Mon 10/10/2016 – Cambridge – set – Open Mind night, Frank Lee Centre. Facebook. Eventbrite.
Tue 11/10/2016 – Brighton, Komedia Studio room. Tickets.
Thu 13/10/2016 – London, Dagenham, The PAD
Sat 15/10/2016 – Sheffield – set – Off the Shelf Literary Festival. Tickets here.
Thu 20/10/2016 – Glasgow, The Project Cafe
Tue 25/10/2016 – London, Hammersmith
Sat 26/11/2016 – Sheffield Hallam University


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