Poem: In Tents

A poem of mine has just been published in Dot Dot Dash Magazine Issue 5: Feast. I thoroughly recommend you buy a copy and see the other (astoundingly good – seriously, I love most of it and that’s a rare thing) poetry – but I’m putting this up here now so curious mates can read this. Postal delivery from Australia just takes too long.

        In Tents

      In crowd
      In fields
      In the sun
      In our element
          In tents.

      In queues
      In stalls
      In fashion
      In aftersun
          In tents.

      In flip-flops
      In wellies
      In mud
          In tents.

      In tears
          In tents.

      In grass
      In smoke
      In heaps
      In giggles
          In tents.

      In bottles
      In trouble
      In hand
          In tents.

      In the morning
      In rizlas
          In tents.

      Into you
          In tents.

      In glances
      In love
          In tents.

      In hugs
      In hysterics
      In our prime
      In celebration
          In tents.

Mud, tents, mates.


     In photos
      In memories
      In my dreams
      In goofy hats
      In arcadia
          In tents.

Dedicated to all the Woodcrafters and festival-goers who’ve kept me entertained and debauched over the years. 🙂


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