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Confidence Tricks – Video

1 Oct

Confidence Tricks is touring the UK October & November 2016.

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)This tour is possible thanks a grant from the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron Project,  a trust set up in memory of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel. You can read more about Dora’s life here and more about the trust here

04/10/2016 London, Hackney Attic 
07/10/2016 Norwich, Take 5 
10/10/2016 Cambridge, Frank Lee building 
11/10/2016 Brighton, Komedia 
13/10/2016 London, Dagenham, The PAD
20/10/2016 Glasgow, The Project Cafe 
21/10/2016 Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth 
25/10/2016 London, Hammersmith, The Rutland Arms 
17/11/2016 London, Walthamstow, Ye Olde Rose & Crown
26/11/2016 Sheffield Hallam Uni 



Safety Scissors

1 Mar

Ever shared a room with a sibling? Ever wanted to kill them?

I done another poetry video:

Read the poem:

Safety Scissors

Masking tape marks the boundary
Yellowed cream on brown carpet
I decorated it with felt-tip

This line draws the battle lines:
This line you will not cross
This line I will defend with fists and feet
Claws and teeth.

Your bit is bigger.
The rest of the room
– demilitarised, lego-strewn –
Is larger still.
I’ve left you all that.
I’m being the reasonable one
And if you step over my line:
I will kill you. Continue reading

What I See Project

25 Sep

I was asked to take part in the What I See Project which is asking women all around the world to talk about what we see when we look in the mirror. I poeted* my response, because that’s what I do. Looking back I want to tweak quite a lot of it, but the video (and typed out words) are below.


I was disappointed but unsurprised that I couldn’t completely side-step weight and various other body hang-ups – but I firmly believe I have much more going on than what I look like, and I’m forever grateful to my mother for not fucking me up about body image. (I didn’t know this was a rare thing ’til my late teens/early twenties, but the more I learn of other women’s relationships with food/their bodies, the more I realise I dodged a bullet.)

I have felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin ever since I came out as bi… because frankly it just suits me. I’d been happily self-identifying as “a slightly dykey straight girl” since my teens, so when I actually started fancying girls in my early twenties: everything just fit. It felt like a missing piece of a puzzle had finally settled into place. The idea that I was failing at femininity just evaporated when I realised I wasn’t straight. It almost felt like I’d been given an opt-out clause to all gender clichés. Suddenly a wealth of other possible female identities opened up to me. “If I don’t fit the trad femininity model then: Shrug. Fuck it. Nyah-nyah-nyah: I don’t need to.” Continue reading