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Confidence Tricks – Video

1 Oct

Confidence Tricks is touring the UK October & November 2016.

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)This tour is possible thanks a grant from the Spirit of the Rainbow Heron Project,  a trust set up in memory of Dora Rachel Franks Daniel. You can read more about Dora’s life here and more about the trust here

04/10/2016 London, Hackney Attic 
07/10/2016 Norwich, Take 5 
10/10/2016 Cambridge, Frank Lee building 
11/10/2016 Brighton, Komedia 
13/10/2016 London, Dagenham, The PAD
20/10/2016 Glasgow, The Project Cafe 
21/10/2016 Edinburgh, Banshee Labyrinth 
25/10/2016 London, Hammersmith, The Rutland Arms 
17/11/2016 London, Walthamstow, Ye Olde Rose & Crown
26/11/2016 Sheffield Hallam Uni 



Sign My Citalopram

7 Sep

New video – part of my one-woman show Confidence Tricks, touring the UK in October and November. Tour dates here.


Confidence Tricks – UK Tour!

30 Aug

LOGO BIRD FIVE (1)In October I will be touring the UK with a re-booted version of my five-star reviewed show Asking Nicely – now named Confidence Tricks. This is thanks to very generous funding from the Rainbow Heron Project, a trust set up in memory, which you can find out more about here.

Confidence Tricks is a poetry show about what makes us feel confident and entitled, or like we don’t deserve and don’t belong. It’s about the psychology and sociology of what makes us tick, as well as about what gets us through – from kindness and creativity through to swearing and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

Contains: feminism, funnies, wit, wordplay, and an A2 flipchart.

More dates to be announced very soon, but here’s a starter for ten:


Fri 07/10/2016 – Norwich, Take 5, 17 Tombland

Mon 10/10/2016 – Cambridge – set – Open Mind night, Frank Lee Centre. Facebook. Eventbrite. 

Tue 11/10/2016 – Brighton, Komedia Studio room. Tickets.

Thu 13/10/2016 – London, Dagenham, The PAD

Sat 15/10/2016 – Sheffield – set – Off the Shelf Literary Festival. Tickets here

Thu 20/10/2016 – Glasgow, The Project Cafe

Tue 25/10/2016 – London, Hammersmith

Sat 26/11/2016 – Sheffield Hallam University

Tetris – filmed at Queersay

24 Jan

Filmed in April last year at the Tate Modern, courtesy of Queersay, Apples and Snakes and Out in South London.

New Shit! Open Mic Documentary

18 Jan

The wonderful Tyrone Lewis – Roundhouse Slam Champion, photographer, video editor and all-round lovely chap – has made a documentary about the London open mic scene and you should totally watch it. 


Whole documentary:

Poem: Confidence Trick

18 Jan
I’ve been surprised how many times
Being confident has offended
And I think it boils down to
‘How dare you?’
‘Why do you think you have the right?
‘I’m better than you, and I’m not there yet.’
Confidence breaks the rules
So, are you slim enough?
Are you smart enough?
Are you accomplished enough?
Are you good enough
To be confident yet?
Where are you on a scale of one to five?:
Five being ‘strongly agree’
And one being ‘I am an aching void’-?

Safety Scissors

1 Mar

Ever shared a room with a sibling? Ever wanted to kill them?

I done another poetry video:

Read the poem:

Safety Scissors

Masking tape marks the boundary
Yellowed cream on brown carpet
I decorated it with felt-tip

This line draws the battle lines:
This line you will not cross
This line I will defend with fists and feet
Claws and teeth.

Your bit is bigger.
The rest of the room
– demilitarised, lego-strewn –
Is larger still.
I’ve left you all that.
I’m being the reasonable one
And if you step over my line:
I will kill you. Continue reading