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Article in the Independent on Royal Wedding Judicial Review

15 Aug

The pre-emptive action to stop dissenting voices

Article originally appeared on The Independent Blog on Friday 3rd of August 2012

Republic demonstration on the day of the jublileeOn the day of the royal wedding I was arrested for being in fancy dress. I had gone to Soho Square to report on the zombie flashmob I’d heard about on Twitter. I planned to take photos, interview people, and report on it for a friend’s zombie blog. Five of us left the area when it looked like we might be kettled. We decamped to a nearby Starbucks to drink coffee and talk zombie movies. From there we were stopped and searched, arrested, handcuffed and held in police cells for hours. The reason: police interpreted the flashmob as an anti-royalist protest.

We were arrested for a ‘breach of the peace’. Two weeks ago the High Court dismissed four separate Judicial Reviews that myself and others brought against the Metropolitan police. The stage is set for extremely heavy-handed policing over the Olympics, and the crackdown has already begun. Continue reading


New website for royal wedding, jubilee and olympics policing

7 Apr

Those involved in the Judicial Review into the Metropolitan Police’s apparent policy of pre-emptive arrest have put together this website: PagentryandPrecrime.wordpress to gather all the information (Youtube videos, press releases, personal statements) etc into one place.

At the end of this month (29th) it will be one year since the royal wedding.

At the end of May (28th) the court case into the police’s illegal actions will begin.

The website aims to be a one-stop shop for interested citizens as well as journalists. Pleas spread the word!