Edinburgh Show Update: Asking Nicely

In September last year I wrote about planning to do a one-woman poetry show on the theme of 'permission' at the Edinburgh Fringe. (Original blog post here.) My aim is slam poetry crossed with a TED Talk crossed with some funnies. It will look at how, why, when and where we ask for permission - looking … Continue reading Edinburgh Show Update: Asking Nicely

Videos: Kiss and Tetris

I played a gig at She Grrrowls spoken word on the 5th of October - it's a different host and different booked acts every time - as well as open mic slots. Really lovely night - highly recommended. It's all run by Carmina Masoliver. The night I was on was hosted by multiple slam champ Cat Brogan, … Continue reading Videos: Kiss and Tetris

One Woman Show: It Begins

I’ve long thought I’d love to do a one-woman poetry show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Initially I thought “that would be really cool, but I’m not good enough yet.” Then I graduated to thinking “I probably am good enough now but I need an idea I can hinge everything on. I need a flash of … Continue reading One Woman Show: It Begins

Admitting to Ambition… and Fangirling

The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride of realising (some) people think I'm hot shit. In my specialised little world of spoken word poetry stuff I've worked a lot, improved a lot, and I've started getting booked (paid!) gigs, and things seem to be starting to snowball. I've seen my name (projected) in … Continue reading Admitting to Ambition… and Fangirling

Video: Permission

I played a 10 minute set at the wonderful Jawdance, hosted by Apples and Snakes. I was thrilled to bits to be booked, and my set seemed to go down a storm. Thank you, guys. I did my poem 'Permission' on women who don't ask permission to be themselves. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kpp0qR5To4 See it on YouTube Read … Continue reading Video: Permission

Video: No Little Words

I've finally filmed my first poetry video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hGFOGZ9oVI See it on YouTube My next booked gig will be at Jawdance at Rich Mix in London on Wednesday July 24th. Come along - it's free! Also - yesterday I went to my first ever Forget What You Heard (about spoken word) run by the UK Slam … Continue reading Video: No Little Words