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Advice for the fight ahead (please add your own)

10 May

So the Tories are in and they’ve already cut fire stations and they have the Human Rights Act on the chopping block. It is going to be horrible, but it will come to an end, eventually.

In the meantime, it will likely get really shitty for a lot of people.  Here is a list of tips and bit of knowledge off the top of my head, and some of my friends’ suggestions, for things which might make it easier to get through the next five years.  This is based on the charities I’ve worked for, and the stuff that’s helped me or friends of mine at various times. Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments, and share this wherever you think it might be useful.  Knowledge is power and we’re going to need each other.

  • You can get job centres to refund transport costs to and from interviews.
  • If you organise your job hunt into a spreadsheet, and stick the deadline as one column, link to a job ad as another column, and then all the other stuff that’s important (salary, length of commute, sector, etc) and filter by deadline you can easily prioritise the most promising apps.
  • If you are homeless, job centres have a ‘discretionary easement of conditionality‘ to lay off the jobseeker rules about how many apps you’ve done while you sort out your housing situation.
  • Join a union. Find out which one is best for you here. Join now, ’cause often you need to have been a member for 3 months to qualify for help.
  • The phone number for Green and Black Cross legal support for demos is 07946 541511. Put it in your phone now. Write it on your arm before a demo. Get in touch with them about becoming a legal observer for demos.

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