Kickass Princesses, Part 1

This article originally appeared in Bad Reputation – a feminist pop-culture adventure on 28 March 2012. Fairy tales! We all like fairy tales, right? They have both an air of comfort and adventure about them, and – as they’re something we first came into contact with as young children – there’s also an almost familial … Continue reading Kickass Princesses, Part 1

New website for royal wedding, jubilee and olympics policing

Those involved in the Judicial Review into the Metropolitan Police's apparent policy of pre-emptive arrest have put together this website: PagentryandPrecrime.wordpress to gather all the information (Youtube videos, press releases, personal statements) etc into one place. At the end of this month (29th) it will be one year since the royal wedding. At the end … Continue reading New website for royal wedding, jubilee and olympics policing

Book Review: The Satanic Witch

Tired Pervy Unenlightened 1960s Cliches The Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey I read this shortly after finishing The Satanic Bible because I was a teenage prat and still wanted to shock the people sat opposite me on public transport. For these purposes this book doesn't work as well as The Satanic Bible. Though it still … Continue reading Book Review: The Satanic Witch