The following are talented, insightful, useful or otherwise wonderful friends and associates of mine who you should all go check out:

Netpol the network for police monitoring – made up of various activist, campaigning and community groups such as:
 Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp
 Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC)
 Climate Camp Legal Team
 Green & Black Cross (GBC)
 Legal Defence & Monitoring Group (LDMG)
 Newham Monitoring Project (NPM)

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Poetry Events
First and foremost: Poetry in London is the HUB of London spoken word gigs. Join the group and stay up to date.
Hammer and Tongue – where I first ever slammed nearly four years ago. They have chapters in London (Hackney), London (Camden), Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge. They always have two booked feature poets and an open slam – so you can see some of the best and have a go yourself.
a href=”” title=”Forget what you heard about spoken word” target=”_blank”>Forget What You Heard (about spoken word) run by the UK Slam Champion Stephanie Dogfoot and the infinitely talented and huggable Matt Cummins.

Poetry Publishers:
Fuselit is a lovely little poetry magazine.
Happenstance Press does poetry and short story chapbooks, not to mention Sphinx poetry magazine.
Allographic Press

Jonny’s Opium Den

The Beta Males Picnic are one of the best things I saw in Edinburgh. Dark, twisted, slick, incredibly high energy and belly laughs roughly every ten seconds.

Bad Reputation – a feminist pop-culture adventure is run by feminist ninjas. Open, inclusive space for talking pop culture, history, found feminism, nerding about comics and videogames. It’s lively, funny, heartfelt and I’m honoured to say I’m a member of their team. Updated five days a week. GO READ IT NOW.
Fat Quarter Magazine are a brilliant online and print magazine with a 3rd-wave feminist slant – who even sometimes publish little me.

The Mechanisms – steampunk folky badasses

Chris Writes About the End of the World is a blog on zombies run by my mate, the published novelist Chris Farnell.
The Zombie Rights Campaign will keep you up to date on the latest on rights for the differently animated. They also nominated me Zombie of the Year for 2011. Thanks, guys!
Zombie LARP UK is a Live Action Role Play game with zombies, Nerf guns, guts, gore and it’s genuinely terrifying. Definitely should be in everyone’s Top Ten Things To Do Before the Zombie Apocalypse.

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