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Tetris – filmed at Queersay

24 Jan

Filmed in April last year at the Tate Modern, courtesy of Queersay, Apples and Snakes and Out in South London.


New Shit! Open Mic Documentary

18 Jan

The wonderful Tyrone Lewis – Roundhouse Slam Champion, photographer, video editor and all-round lovely chap – has made a documentary about the London open mic scene and you should totally watch it. 


Whole documentary:

Poem: Confidence Trick

18 Jan
I’ve been surprised how many times
Being confident has offended
And I think it boils down to
‘How dare you?’
‘Why do you think you have the right?
‘I’m better than you, and I’m not there yet.’
Confidence breaks the rules
So, are you slim enough?
Are you smart enough?
Are you accomplished enough?
Are you good enough
To be confident yet?
Where are you on a scale of one to five?:
Five being ‘strongly agree’
And one being ‘I am an aching void’-?


2 Jan

New year, new poem. Hello, 2016. 

I am weeding the ground of my mind
Picking through the thoughts that grow
Deciding which I want to keep
Digging others out at the root.

Some are fine but there isn’t space
Some will not survive my soil
Some scattered seeds I never noticed
‘Til they sprouted seasons later.

Some plants pull out clean, complete
Others put up a fight
Rhizomes of anxiety, self-sabotage
Stretch subterranean across my landscape
Shooting new spears through the surface
When I thought I’d got them all.

But this newly-bare earth is not empty
This blank space will not stay blank:
It is a tidy room
A new notebook
Fertile ground 
In which to plant
For next season.