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Asking Nicely – Edinburgh Fringe pick – X 4!

2 Aug

P1090429Last year my parents came up to see me perform at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Fringe has been a big part of my life for years, but they hadn’t yet been to see the mythical gathering that I rabbit on about all the time.

My folks quickly learned that handing out flyers or being bombarded with flyers is a large part of the Festival experience, and decided they wanted to try being the paper-shover rather than the paper-shovee. I was reluctant ’cause no one enjoys flyering, but they insisted so I gave them a small stack of flyers each, and carried on trying to get strangers to take a piece of paper with my face on it.

my mom says I'm coolA couple of minutes later I heard my mother’s voice over the hubbub of the Royal Mile, as she offered out the flyers:

“Come see my talented daughter?”

“You should see this show – my daughter’s in it.”

“My talented daughter.”

As sweet as that was, the fact that my mom is proud of me is not* a reason for anyone else in the world to come see my show. However, this year I am apparently a top pick of Edinburgh Fringe poetry shows according to:

The Skinny Magazine 

Three Weeks

The Morning Star

For Book’s Sake

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