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Skinny magazine recommends me – along with Kate Tempest, Patti Smith & Carol Ann Duffy! AAAAAAAAAH!

31 Jul

AAAAAAH! The Skinny Magazine has recommended my Edinburgh Fringe show in the same article as Kate Tempest, Carol Anne Duffy and Patti Smith!

“The ballsy Hannah Chutzpah is back with Asking Nicely, a lyrical lecture on politeness and consent. Bouncily conversational in style, and with plenty of laughs, you’ll feel like you’re sitting having a cuppa in a friend’s kitchen.”

Kate Tempest*jitters with joy*

I’m not sure I have words for being mentioned in the same article as these guys. Patti Smith was probably my first poetry idol – I even reference Patti Smith in the first poem of my show, Carol Ann Duffy was one of the few poets who even the driest classroom dissection-reading couldn’t tarnish, Kate Tempest is basically the public face of the spoken word scene.

I am speechless. I am giddy. I am exhausted and waking up at silly o’clock to go to a preview gig in Newcastle curated by Apples & Snakes along with Sara Hirsch who I’ve been privileged to share a stage with twice this week, along with Jenni Pascoe, Matt MacDonald, Henry Raby, Agnes Torok and David Lee Morgan.

Edinburgh Fringe madness is kicking in, but I am surfing that wave & I’ve never been more confident or happy about what I do as an artist, or felt more embraced by the poetry community.

Big love. xxx


Necrokitty Comic Sans

13 Jul

I have good news and bad news
The good news is there is an afterlife
And pets get there too
The bad news is that in the afterlife
There is really mawkish poetry

Dear pet crematorium
Thank you for returning my cat’s ashes
Along with a candle and a white flower
(That was a nice touch)
However – I do have some questions
About the poetry

Dear pet crematorium
Can you please talk me through
The four poems you gave me
Three apparently written by my dead cat
Two of them addressing me as ‘mum’-?

Dear pet crematorium
I am no one’s mum
I’ve had some wild nights in my time
But I do not recall ever
Giving birth to a cat.
I’ve racked my brains
But I think I would remember
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