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A Dude in an East-London Pub Has Just Out-Jewed Me

23 Jun

My friend, the poet Marisa Silva-Dunbar, tagged me in a poetry chain on Facebook. You have to post a poem of your own for 5 days, and nominate someone else to do the same. 

I nominated Niall Spooner-Harvey and tried to write a new thing (or finally finish an existing thing) each day. This is from Day 3. The dude in question, who began my identity crisis, is the poet Tim Wells. Who liked it enough to put it in his magazine Rising.

A Dude in an East-London Pub Has Just Out-Jewed Me

A dude in an East London pub
Has just out-Jewed me

Judaism is an in-joke to me
A semi-secret identity
A smile when you find another
From your tribe
“Oh, you were at that gig too?”
“Oh, you’re veggie too?”

Yiddish is a breadcrumb trail I sprinkle
Into conversation
To see if anyone picks it up.

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Shithead Bingo

3 Jun

NB: no reflection on my current, or recent, workplaces. Job From Hell was a few years ago. 

Shithead Bingo

“This is so shit, you can tell a woman designed it”
“That is SO GAY”
“I’m not being racist, right, but”

Shithead Bingo:
A game for hostile work environments

Step one:
Create your Shithead Bingo card.

Select your targets
From stereotypes and disadvantaged groups:

  • The elderly
  • Sex workers
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Fat people
  • Thin people
  • People on benefits
  • Women with small tits
  • Female drivers
  • Child abuse survivors

This is your Shithead Bingo Card.

Create this card in your head.
You don’t want a post-it note lying around

That looks like the Brixton Bomber’s
To-do list.

Pick nine squares each week for the starter game
Or twenty five if you’re playing Pro.
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