Recipe: Chia Seed Porridge

I did another post for Anna’s Eat Food. Be Joyful blog:

Eat Food. Be Joyful.

This is our second recipe from the excellently culinary Hannah Chutzpah. She has this to say:

Chia Seeds.

Lately I have discovered chia seeds. Previously I’d only ever heard of them in the context of people mocking Gwenyth Paltrow, but I watched the documentary ‘Hungry for Change’ recently and decided to try out some new stuff from the healthfood store.

Chia seeds look like slightly shinier, paler poppy seeds, but they have a lot of pectin so they go really gloopy and you can make something a lot like porridge with about 2 tablespoons of them. They’re supposed to do all kinds of magical things like give you energy, stabilise blood sugar and help you remove bile salts from your system. I’m no nutritionist, but they seem perfectly edible and I did start feeling a bit perkier when I started eating them.

Usually I’ve tried nuking them with milk like…

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