Indiegogo: 45 hours left (thank you!)

Hey folks, just a short and sweet post to say there’s 45 hours left on my Indiegogo to publish a poetry pamphlet and fund my taking my show Asking Nicely up to the Edinburgh Fringe.

You guys rock! I’m already over my asking (nicely) total! You have made a nervous, broke poet with big dreams very, very happy!

I’m talking to my wonderful small press publisher Allographic and since I now have more funds to play with than I dared hope for – the poetry pamphlet is gonna be pretty beefed-up. Shiny full-colour cover, bigger print run, etc. The funding also means I can pay for my accommodation at the Edinburgh Fringe. This is all thanks to YOU GUYS. So thank you so, so much.
At this point I want to give a sneak preview. My collection will be called Alchemy, Treasure and Butterfly Wings (after a line in this poem) and I think this image will be the cover.

With a little number crunching I am astounded to see that people have donated an average of £14.25. I am so, so touched and so grateful. However, the ‘entry point’ donation remains £4 for a copy of the pamphlet and there’s still a little time to order one.

Also, if you run any poetry events you might want to take up the £20 funding option and get a 20 minute set. Three promoters have taken this option up already and I’m doing my first of these gigs at Lipped Ink tonight at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden.

Thank you everyone. Over and out. xx


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