Recipe: Courgette Salad

My awesome friend Anna has just started a food blog, and I’ve just created a recipe:

Eat Food. Be Joyful.

Ladies and gentlemen, our first recipe! It is a recipe for courgette salad, courtesy of the utterly fabulous Hannah Chutzpah, of whom more later.


  • 2 courgettes.
  • 1 apple.
  • 3 sticks of celery.
  • maybe a 1 inch chunk of ginger.
  • 3 tablespoons of soy sauce.


So, Anna raved about raw courgettes, cut up really fine with a vegetable slicer. I’ve seen the same done with cucumber, so I gave this a go. It was a first attempt based on what was in the fridge at the time. The courgette was marinated (for maybe 10 minutes) in soy sauce with finely-chopped ginger. Then I chucked in a chopped up apple, 3 sticks of celery chopped up, and feta to sprinkle. Substitute sunflower seeds if you want it vegan. It turned out awesome – I went back for seconds.

a bowl of courgette salad with the ingredients on a board Om nom nom! Hannah’s courgette salad making set-up.

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