What I See Project

I was asked to take part in the What I See Project which is asking women all around the world to talk about what we see when we look in the mirror. I poeted* my response, because that's what I do. Looking back I want to tweak quite a lot of it, but the video (and … Continue reading What I See Project

One Woman Show: It Begins

I’ve long thought I’d love to do a one-woman poetry show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Initially I thought “that would be really cool, but I’m not good enough yet.” Then I graduated to thinking “I probably am good enough now but I need an idea I can hinge everything on. I need a flash of … Continue reading One Woman Show: It Begins

Admitting to Ambition… and Fangirling

The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride of realising (some) people think I'm hot shit. In my specialised little world of spoken word poetry stuff I've worked a lot, improved a lot, and I've started getting booked (paid!) gigs, and things seem to be starting to snowball. I've seen my name (projected) in … Continue reading Admitting to Ambition… and Fangirling

SHINE Marathon, Health, and Inspiration

I decided to walk in the Cancer Research Shine nighttime walking marathon. Training for the marathon has had all kinds of side-benefits I wouldn't have expected: including creatively. Someone close to me - my Fairy Godmother, who I used to live with - is terminally ill with cancer. I was temping at Cancer Research UK when I found … Continue reading SHINE Marathon, Health, and Inspiration

Flawed – Poem for Tullamore Dew

I was approached to write a poem by Tullamore Dew Irish whisky company, on the topic of 'realness'. It's part of their 'Death to Dishonesty' campaign, and each poet who was approached was asked to write with pieces of charcoal made from a bonfire of things the public found fake in the modern world. The … Continue reading Flawed – Poem for Tullamore Dew