Simon Burns calls Petition-Signers ‘Zombies’

The delightful Simon Burns MP has accused 38 Degrees of “frightening people and getting them almost zombie-like to send in emails.”

38 Degrees has put up a petition (they’re good at that) telling him to listen to his voters and stop calling them zombies.

Dear Simon Burns,

We’re citizens, not zombies.

We have a right to be treated with respect by our MPs and to expect a reply when we get in touch.

Every British citizen has a right to be heard in our democracy. Thousands of us write to our MPs, because we care. Because we value democracy. Because the decisions you take affect us.

It’s your job to listen.

However, being a loudmouth and a zombie – I thought I’d troll the slimey sod. (BTW the Zombie Rights Campaign in the ‘States has also put in their two cents’ worth.)

My email to Simon Burns MP

Dear Simon Burns,

I am a zombie. A politically active one at that.

Your use of ‘zombie’ as an insult to politically engaged citizens is childish and ignorant, not to mention extremely offensive to zombies.

It’s our job as zombies to eat brains, it’s your job as an MP to listen to voters. Stop the petulant name-calling and do your job.


Ms H Chutzpah

One thought on “Simon Burns calls Petition-Signers ‘Zombies’

  1. I sent Simon Burns a letter via 38 Degree’s relating to the rights of dead Zombies to get a reply from their MP regardless of how long they have been dead and that it was a lack of respect to ignore Zombies who used 38 Degrees. I may have also mentioned the rights of the Zombies to get free medical care.

    Here is the reply:

    From the Rt Hon Simon Burns MP
    Minister of State for Health

    Department of Health
    Richmond House
    79 Whitehall
    SW1A 2NS

    Thank you for your recent correspondence and for giving me the opportunity to clarify my statement.

    My criticism is not with the signatories of petitions but the tactics deployed by 38 Degrees itself. I agree entirely with your point that people deserve to be treated with respect. You are also right to expect a reply to letters, including electronic template letters, but it would be irresponsible of me not to challenge occasions when 38 Degrees have selectively used information about our plans to modernise the NHS to mislead the people into believing something that is not true. People deserve better. They should be presented with all the facts, so they can make an informed decision and engage in a meaningful debate.

    I am always open to informed discussions.


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