Simon Burns calls Petition-Signers ‘Zombies’

The delightful Simon Burns MP has accused 38 Degrees of "frightening people and getting them almost zombie-like to send in emails." 38 Degrees has put up a petition (they're good at that) telling him to listen to his voters and stop calling them zombies. Dear Simon Burns, We’re citizens, not zombies. We have a right … Continue reading Simon Burns calls Petition-Signers ‘Zombies’

Judicial Review of Pre-emptive Royal Wedding Arrests

For anyone wanting to know what happened next about the Royal Wedding/Starbucks Zombie arrests, here it is: we got organised; we found more people who'd suffered the same treatment; we found some brilliant lawyers and we're going to have a Judicial Review into the Metropolitan Police's Actions. Unlike a Private or Civil Law claim (which … Continue reading Judicial Review of Pre-emptive Royal Wedding Arrests

The Schadenfreude Review

As a reviewer I find the hardest reviews to write are of books which just strike you as 'meh.' The okay books which you neither love nor hate are difficult to get a handle on. You often wind up describing plots rather than reactions to it because you barely had any. The 'Meh' review is … Continue reading The Schadenfreude Review